There are many comfortable areas to sit and unwind around the Camp. Our well-stocked library - which offers an abundance of wildlife and research books, and novels - provides the perfect excuse to relax in a hammock.
You can also indulge in a relaxing massage by trained masseuses using Ayurvedic oils. For the more active, there is a volleyball court, which comes alive every afternoon.

Laundry, which is collected from the rooms, is delivered the next day.

To minimise environmental impact and avoid problems associated with plastic bottles, a water filter system ensures that all drinking water and ice is safe.

Kipling Camp is on mains electricity, backed up by two large generators.

We have Wi-fi in the Shamiana and internet and a fax in the office. There is also a safe for clients who wish to hand in valuables.

Our small wildlife-theme shop sells clothing, post cards, books, stickers and local handicrafts.

In the evenings, we host tribal dance performances under the stars or screen wildlife documentaries, including the award winning 'Land of the Tiger' co-produced by Belinda Wright, and other films made in Kanha.

The Camp has open-topped 4WD Maruti Gypsies for safari drives. These are driven by our experienced drivers and are equipped with first-aid kits.


The Refreshments Bar in the Shamiana serves a wide variety of beverages.

Picnic breakfasts are served in the National Park during the morning safari.

Lunch and Dinner are served back at the Camp at a number of locations; in the Shamiana, under the Mahua tree, on the Bamboo House patio, or under the stars. Our menus offer a wide range of Western and Indian Cuisine, which is prepared by our three experienced chefs. Many clients prefer Indian cuisine, although we are careful not to prepare anything too spicy!

On arrival, any specific food preferences are noted and every effort is made to accommodate your requests.
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