Fact Sheet


Kanha Tiger Reserve – 2,059 sq km
(including the National Park
“Core Area” of 940 sq km)


600 to 900 metres
above sea level


Winter: Max. 27°C Min. 1°C
Summer: Max. 42°C Min. 22°C

Best Season

November to February (winter)
March to April (summer)

Closed Season

The Park is closed during the
monsoon – late June to
mid October


160 cm, which falls largely
during the monsoon


Mandla District, Madhya Pradesh
in Central India

Nearest Towns

Mandla: 45 kms
Jabalpur: 160 kms
Nagpur : 260 kms

Tiger Estimation

There are estimated to be More than 100 tigers in Kanha


These include the tiger, leopard, jungle cat, common langur (hanuman langur), wild boar, gaur (Indian bison), sambar, chital, muntjac (barking deer), hyena, wolf, jackal, dhole (wild dog), Indian fox, ruddy mongoose, sloth bear, and the extremely rare barasingha (swamp deer).


Over 260 species of birds have been recorded in Kanha, including the crested hawk eagle, greyheaded fishing eagle, honey buzzard, king vulture, black ibis, whitenecked stork, cotton teal, green pigeon, grey hornbill, pygmy woodpecker, blackheaded oriole, greater racket-tailed drongo, scarlet minivet, and Tickell’s blue flycatcher.
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