• Alarm Clock
• Sunglasses
• Small Torch
• Binoculars
• Flannel & Liquid soap (for traveling)
• Hip flask
• Hat / Cap and Sun block
• Spare pair of reading glasses or Contact lenses (if you wear them)
• Mosquito repellent
• Adequate memory cards or film, and batteries for your camera’s


Medical insurance is a must and the following vaccinations are recommended – tetanus, typhoid, rabies, and possibly boosters for Diptheria and Hepatitis-A. Malaria prevention pills (e.g. Proguanil/Paludrine) are essential - your doctor can advise what is best for India. Most water-borne illnesses can be avoided by always drinking filtered or bottled water.

It is a good idea to travel with a mini First Aid kit. It should include bandaids, painkillers, diarrhoea tablets, antihistamine, and a few sterile syringes, needles and sutures. Medicines are readily available in India but it’s advisable to have an emergency kit with you.


In India we use 230 volts with 50 Hz frequency, and the following plug/socket types:

Plug type ‘C’:  Two rounded prongs (common in Europe, except UK). Generally used for applications that require 2.5 amps or less.

Plug type ‘D’:  Three large round pins in a triangular pattern (5 amps)

Plug type ‘M’:  Three larger round pins in a triangular pattern (15 amps).

In some places, the type 'C' and 'D' plug points will accept the type 'A' plugs (two flat parallel prongs) commonly used in North and Central America. We have multi-use plugs in some of the rooms at Kipling Camp. A useful website on voltage and plug outlets worldwide is We recommend you buy an adaptor plug set at your departure airport.


VISA: You will need to obtain a visa from your nearest Indian Embassy.
WATER: Never drink tap water, or clean your teeth with it.
AVOID: Ice cubes, ice-cream and salads (except in safe places).
CURRENCY: The national currency is the Rupee.
CREDIT CARDS: You can use credit cards in the major cities (but not at Kipling Camp). There are Visa/Mastercard ATMs in all the larger cities.
ALCOHOL: Indian beer, spirits and some of the wines are good and readily available. If you have a favourite tipple, we recommend that you bring a duty free bottle or two with you.
TIME ZONE: India is plus 5½ hours Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
And we recommend that you leave expensive watches and jewellery at home.

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