Lindi Criswell, USA – Apr 2015

It’s hard to put all of the elements that make this place the perfect escape. Kipling Camp has given me a better understanding of the conservation issues facing India and the richness of rural life. The Camp staff and WPSI folks made the trip. The langoors and cheetal only a bonus! So appreciative of Rob’s companionship and hospitality. He has gone above and beyond and a huge thanks to Camp for helping me experience some odd requests (Henna and bat viewing). This is the India I have been looking for!

Astrid Latapie, France – Apr 2015

It is impossible to summarize such an exceptional stay in only a few sentences. By far the warmest hospitality found in India, and even in the whole wide world! I have found that in Kipling Camp simplicity is brought to its best. Thank you ALL for your generosity, sense of humor and beautiful smiles. Only regret is to have caught only one glimpse of a tiger. Good thing: I will hope to come back to get a full sight. Please do not change one thing. It is such a wonderful place with a magical soul.

Celine Marie Fortin, Wildlife Worldwide, France – Apr 2015

Kipling Camp is so much more than accommodation, from Tara the Elephant greeting you as you arrive, the wonderful volunteers and the local staff, the wildlife and birds roaming in the park, and the fascinating character of Belinda who stands for Wildlife Conservation with such passion, all these ingredients are the recipes for the special stay.

Cesare Bieller, Consul General of Italy, Kolkata – Apr 2015

After about five years in India and many travels Kipling Camp is simply the icing on the cake! Thanks Belinda and the people for making it so special.

Nike, Andrew, Amani & Olivia, Tanzania – Apr 2015

Thanks for looking after us in this wonderful heaven. Our Mango cottage quickly became a home away from home and all the Kipling Team looked after us so well and pampered and enthused us for our Tiger Trips to Kanha the flying squirrels, bird life around Camp, trips for bird watching and Tara time created many special memories (+ photos!). I hope to return someday – Andrew
Thank you all for an unforgettable stay. The sweet scent of the sal trees, the thrill of seeing a Tiger and Tara’s gentle dignity have been highlights of a fabulous five days – Nike

Beth, Richard, Aeyen & Ronen, Pune – Apr 2015

The time we have spent in Kipling Camp has been a truly incredible experience, and the most memorable highlight of our 2 years in India. The combination of Tara The Elephant, the location, the safaris and the wonderful staff have made this place to treasure.

Morag Stafford, UK – Feb 2015

My ultimate wish comes true, seeing two tigers and a leopard. Bliss seeing and being in the jungle. A wonderfully friendly & efficient camp, beautifully and a truly memorable time. Thank you all for looking after us so well!

Andrea Mcdonald & Simon Bignell, Singapore – Feb 2015

We arrived the day after Valentines but I know the entire group fell in love with Kipling & Kanha immediately. We have been so pampered and cared for and just when we thought life could not get better after Tigers and Bears and beautiful birds, we spend an incredible afternoon with Tara. We couldn’t have asked for a better holiday. Thank you all so much.

Charlotte De Klee, Scotland – Feb 2015

Really have no words to describe how I have loved this place. The charming, quiet service, the remarkable surroundings and the comfort, this is the heart that beats wither Kipling that makes it real. It is Anne & Belinda’s drive for the authentic time.

Peter & Linda Terry, UK – Feb 2015

After having spent just 4 days at Kipling out of our 4 weeks in India, this has been the highlight of our holiday. The camp has everything that you could wish for and the staff and its volunteers do everything possible to make your stay memorable. The icing on the cake is Tara and spending time with her is something that we shall never forget. Whilst everyone was delighted that we managed to spot a tiger on our last safari, the time spent with Tara surpassed that. Thank you everybody.

Akshay Shah, Ranikhet – Feb 2015

Great Camp, Amazing People, Fantastic Service, Definitely coming back. Spotted the Ultra Marine Flycatcher besides 72 other species. Thanks to Belinda, Tara and The Team for such a beautiful Experience. All the best!! Keep it going!!

Asha Kochar, Delhi – Feb 2015

I feel I am leaving my “Home” in the jungle. The most beautiful “Jungle Camp” I have been to ever!! I hope this place remains like this forever. Thank you! With all my soul!!

Vidyun Singh, Delhi – Jan 2015

If I had not experience the most wonderful three days I would not have believed that such a place existed. If there is a perfect Jungle Camp – it is here, it is here, it is this. Thank you Belinda, Ivan & Rob for your warmth. I return to Delhi with a smile in my heart and the memory of Tara in the river as one of my most treasured “Moments” of pure Joy!!

Tilly Stanton, UK – Jan 2015

Had the most amazing stay here! It is the most beautiful place, all the staff are awesome – definitely a highlight of our trip around India. It was fab to see Fred & George at work here. I would love to come back one day.

Sanjib, Rakhi, Anugraha & Abnik Gogoi, Assam – Jan 2015

We came here to learn about nature and have taken back much more than we bargained for. Tara … just amazing. We all had a lovely time with her. Would have to come over and over again - Sanjib


Alice Doherty, UK – Apr 2014

To the staff of Kipling Camp, my congratulations are bestowed upon you for conjuring up in the jungle, a hospitable environment that is a pleasure to relax in. After a hot day on safari it is always a pleasure to return to smiles, offers of tea and coffee and a trumpeting Elephant. I have loved every minute spent at camp, devoured the food (I thought my appetite was dwindling in the heat, but it seems to have returned with a vengeance!!) and danced with a tribe. This place is magical and I love it

Thomas, UK – April, 2014

To all the dearest workers of Kipling Camp, may you all continue to smile even through the heat of the sun and wetness of the monsoon. The food, friendliness, hardwork, generosity and Tara is enough for me and anyone. I know to return. However you all go above and beyond. The backbone / behind the scenes to the preservation of my favourite animal the king of the jungle. For that I cannot begin to say that how much I respect you all. The few seconds with the endangered wild tiger was enough for me. I too one day aspire to be like you all. Doing every little bit for the local community and more. Wish you all the best including Tara. A magical Camp, Which has left me with so many lovely memories.

Edmond Rostand, UK – April, 2014

An absolute fantastic experience, one I will remember for the rest of my life. The setting, landscape, accommodation and wildlife are all brilliant. The staff were especially polite and lively. Some of the loveliest service I have ever had the privilege of receiving. If there was more space I would write an essay about my love for Tara the Elephant. However I cannot do that so I will give it short and sweet : Tara is amazing, the mahouts excellent. I wish her all the best, infact I wish everyone who is the part of the Kipling Camp , all the best, as they have given me a once in a lifetime experience that I will treasure. Please keep up the wonderful work, especially among the local community.- Eddie

Aditya Ahuja, India – April 2014

I like Kipling Camp because it is in the middle of the jungle. My room was right infront of the water hole, and yesterday at 7:05 pm a tigress came to the waterhole ! I had lots of fun and wish to come back soon and I had fun giving Tara the elephant a bath in the river.

Anila Ahuja, India- April 2014

We had and absolutely fabulous time. We have been to many jungle camps in India but this is by far the best. Lovely setting in the midst of the Jungle, the waterhole, beautifully designed cottages and outstanding staff. Charles and his team do an absolutely fabulous job in making us feel at home. We will be back soon!!

Jacob and Susan, India – March 2014

Its been a wonderful experience. Ideal place to relax and be in the midst of nature. The staff, the accommodation, the food, the company – all really very good. Ahmed who insisted on “some more please” spoilt us. Rahim could put most naturalists to shame and was delightful company during the safari and the nature walk. A special word of appreciation for Charles, Georgia, Juno and Nairn who made us feel at home throughout. Hope to come back some day. Congratulations and India is proud of you Ms. Belinda Wright, thank you for what you are doing for our country.

Dilip Khatau, India – Feb 2014

We spent 3 lovely days at Kipling Camp and many thanks to Belinda, Charles and all. The very friendly staff for making our stay memorable.

Mark Shand, UK – Jan 2014

Thank you for yet again, a magical stay! Kipling Camp is my favourite place in the World. And what a New Year – Nowhere better to spend it. Thank you all so much!!

Ayesha Shand, UK – Jan 2014

Thank you for the unforgettable stay. I finally realized why dad fell in love both with India and Tara! Shall be returning very soon lots of love


Colin Bangay, UK – Nov 2013

… Fantastically relaxed time, but behind it a super efficient team and knowledgeable staff.

Claudia Enders, Germany – Oct 2013

… a little paradise …

Tom and Karen Sheehy, USA – Oct 2013

You truly made my childhood ‘Jungle Book’ fantasies come alive.

Uma and Rahul Zaware, India – Apr 2013

It was indeed a pleasure staying at Kipling Camp. It’s surely a unique experience with its natural settings and the way things work at the camp. I would love to especially thank each Kipling Camp member who have made this stay of ours comfortable at each step. All our personal requests were genuinely taken care of. I am glad I could give my kids a unique experience right from talking to Tara to just being around the property.

Praveer Mutha, India – Mar 2013

Thank you so much for an absolutely unbelievable and incredible experience. Looking forward to coming back again as soon as we can. The effort and warmth by all at Kipling Camp has been extremely overwhelming. Thanks again! We shall definitely be back!

Vandit Kalia, India – Feb 2013

… great ambience and super service. Already planning my next trip back.

Mark Tully, UK – Dec 2013

What to say ? Who can describe the joy of being in Kipling Camp for another Christmas ? In can’t, so love and gratitude to everyone who contributed to our joy.

Hatty Doherty, UK – Dec 2013

One of the most amazing experiences and filled with memories for a life time. I couldn’t ask for a better Christmas. Santa with his elephant, turkey unforgettable. Plus the best buildup to seeing 3 tigers on our last safari!!

Gillian Wright, UK – Dec 2013

Thank you!!! There are no words to say it – everything was so marvelous !!! and staying up all night so that we could get a ticket to go into the park was so kind, and we loved our drive. And to see the villages and meet your friends those were so rewarding and such a treat. Xmas itself, the turkey, the singing, the company, the stuff were all the stuff of dreams. And the richness of the animal life – 63 species of birds around the camp and so may butterflies, bonnets, lemon grass and peacock etc. etc.A truly unique experience, and a home away from home at the same time.

Karen & Tom Sheehy, USA – Nov 2013

Dear Kipling Camp staff thank you for your wonderful hospitality. You truly made us feel at home! The service and accommodation were great. We loved the close access to Kanha and saw so many wonderful animals (Tigers, Baloo, Swamp Deer etc.) You truly made my childhood “Jungle Book” fantasies come true!

Claudia & Eddy, Australia – Oct 2013

We have completely fallen in love with Kipling! And sadly after only having one night here we are finding it very hard to leave . What a delight all the staff have been – the lovely Fred and the inspirational young man Ivan. Meeting Belinda was such a treat! and seeing the traditional local tribal dance was a highlight. And then of course there was Tara!... I am already looking forward to returning next year with my group. Keep up the magnificent work you do here Belinda! It is really heaven …


Chanelne Kushna, Delhi – Dec 2012

My God! What an amazing experience. Right from the time we arrived to the day we left, we were made to feel very, very special. Every little thing was taken care of. The rooms are wonderful –the hot water bottle, the mouth watering meals, the bath with Tara in the river and to top it all the tiger sightings in the jungle are the memories we will cherish forever.

Angela Douglas-Mann, United Kingdom – Nov 2012

We’ve had five perfect days and it is with great sadness that we leave. Mango is such a lovely room and, as always, we were beautifully looked after. Our park visits were full of lovely sightings with the bonus of a tiger and a bear! Roll on our next visit to Kipling.

Glenda Wagnel – Oct 2012

WAn amazing experience – well appreciated the tranquility and beauty of the place after the noise and chaos of the rest of the country.

Norma Mercer – Nov 2012

Absolutely fantastic – every wish catered for, very friendly and helpful staff.

Diane Hamilton, Edinburgh – Apr 2012

A truly magical place…

John van de Dal, Holland – Feb 2012

There are few words to describe this magical place.

Sadyaje Linch, India – 2012

Beautiful place, warm people, great hospitality …

Chris & Lucy Roberts, UK – 2012

… the staff made us feel like family …


Mark Tully, Delhi - Dec 2011

Thank you so much for a unique Christmas in such beautiful surroundings. Kipling Camp Jindabad.

Laura Gosdal, England - Dec 2011

Truly exceptional Christmas, far exceeded all expectations. Fun, interesting people, Tara, carols, fabulous…

Lisa Staxang, Sweden - Dec 2011

WThank you - all of you! Its been incredible in so many ways: you’ve been the most considerate, eager to teach and caring hosts. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be a guest at Kipling Camp; the safaris, the meals, the little details, the evening activities and the Tara experience. Keep up the wonderful work.

Helen Topor and Peter Fullagar, Australia - Nov 2011

Absolutely wonderful to return here and introduce Kipling Camp to Peter - he loved it too. Thank you to the naturalists, drivers, cooks and staff and to Emily for her warmth and engaging personality; to Rishin for his ebullience, expertise and beautiful soul; to Kaustubh for his expertise, lovely smile and gentle steadfastness, and to Kipling Camp itself for its enduring spirit, long may you thrive!

Mary Powys, Ireland - May 2011

…Kipling is magical and somewhere I will always want to escape to…

Alex Bennett, Elephant Family - May 2011

TA truly magical week at Kipling with Tara and the team!! Thank you for all the special and wonderful moments, many memories for life!

Sue Morrison, Australia - Mar 2011

A once in a lifetime experience and brilliant views of Tigers ...

Jan Chart and Nigel Meachem, UK - Feb 2011

Our holiday in India has been fantastic but the 3 days here surpassed all our wildest dreams! The camp itself is wonderful in all respects - rooms, service, food, all excellent. The sighting of Tiger was an emotional experience and will stay with us forever but also the experience of bathing with Tara was a very special event and definitely a highlight of the trip…

Brian and Lydia Meeke - Feb 2011

We have experienced a very magical 5 days with you all here at Kipling Camp. The hospitality and meals have been fantastic…

Carole Lefthaive, Paris - Jan 2011

Anne, Belinda, Tara, what beautiful people you all are! And what a magical site you have created. This will always be a grand souvenir. Cannot wait to come back with my children…maybe at a warmer time! … Merci, merci avec toute mon affection, Carole

Horowitz Family, Israel - Jan 2011

Dear Kipling Camp Staff, we all had such a wonderful relaxing vacation at your great camp. It was amazing for the boys and us to ride in nature every day, looking forward to our yummy breakfasts! And we loved spending time with Tara! We will miss her and all of you, thank you!


Mamie Miller, USA - Nov 2010

As usual, the Kipling Camp staff and Tara have provided a wonderful, magical experience and time was suspended for far too brief a period of time. I look forward to my next visit and visiting Tara

Jean Cunnighan, Gloucestershire, England - Nov 2010

A wonderful experience, the true jungle experience… Superb

Stuart Bennett and Pati Naritomi - Oct 2010

What a wonderful experience we have had here! Kaustubh was the naturalist extraordinaire; Imogen is delightful; we had the pleasure of meeting and dining with Belinda - what more could we ask for? The staff and accommodation were excellent - and Tara and the Tigers topped it off. Many Thanks!

Larisa Vanstien – Apr 2010

A fabulous place – so much history and character! The staff were very friendly and helpful. We had a wonderful stay and will take back fond memories…

Becky Kershaw (aged 10 yrs), Marlow, UK – Apr 2010

My experience has been breathtaking! I would love to work here when I am older. We were lucky enough to see 3 different tigers during our stay and many other animals – including a sloth bear. Our hut was really beautifully decorated and it was cool looking outside at monkeys. The good food we had was delicious and it was eaten in a really colourful place. The night of dancing with the tribe was fun as well. Tara is such an amazing elephant and I (and my brother) loved washing her. It is so sad that we have to leave her now… Thank you to all the staff at Kipling for giving us such a brilliant time

Lars Edenius & Carin Magnhagen – Mar 2010

Five safaris of which three of them were rewarded with tigers. Fantastic experience, and the rest of the wildlife and the forest was also amazing. Kipling Camp is a great place to stay... We highly recommend it

Jack & Margaret Thompson, Virginia, USA – Feb 2010

This has been an enchanting interlude. It is what we have imagined India to have been. Thank you for making it such a memorable experience!

Kishore Mosale, Mumbai – Feb 2010

Kipling Camp is a reminder… how we should respect people to respect wildlife. The care taken at this resort is painstaking. Wildlife was fun to see. We saw the tiger for minutes and not seconds. Will be back for sure!

Rhona Harley – Feb 2010

A Magical experience, I don’t want to wake up. Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality, helpfulness and kindness. Thank you also for giving Tara a wonderful life – she must now be the luckiest elephant thanks to Mark and yourselves

Madeline & Nigel Farmer, UK – Feb 2010

Magical – couldn’t wish for more. Friendly staff, cosy and clean lodge. Excellent food, guides and surroundings. Saw tigers and sloth bear. Too short a stay!

Patricia & Phil Roberts, UK – Feb 2010

What a pleasure – a comfortable camp with all staff so friendly, The game drives were magical with drivers and guides with such sharp eyes so nothing was missed. To see my first tigers in their natural habitat was a dream of a lifetime!

Johanna & Sean Smith – Feb 2010

A wonderful experience. A great team - who made us so welcome. The trips into the park were fantastic. Highly recommended

Tanaz Dizadji – Jan 2010

What can I say! Kipling Camp is a home away from home. I have had such a magical experience and truly amazing memories… and I felt so comfortable and happy here. I especially loved the hot water bottle in my bed … Had the best sleep in this wonderfully peaceful place. All the staff have been incredible. I will be back! Thank you, thank you, thank you

Ruth Powys, London, UK – Jan 2010

I leave Kipling Camp feeling like a small child after a great day out, exhausted and elated and very well looked after … A huge whooping thank you

Mark Shand, London, UK – Jan 2010

Bliss – as usual! My favourite place in India. Beautifully looked after – all the new décor is an inspiration! This is how a jungle camp should be… Thank you all so much – perfection!


Radha & Dipak Basu, California, USA – Dec 2009

Tranquil, warm, welcoming, good for the soul. We thank you for your hospitality and the true Christmas cheer, Tara dearest, you touched our hearts with your peaceful and mischievous ways

The Williams’, Cornwall, UK – Dec 2009

So glad that nothing changes over the years. I’m so relaxed now, almost horizontal… There is nowhere else on earth I would rather be, than being so spoilt by everyone here at magical Kipling Camp. Thank you, thank you. x

The Clifford Bowles Family, Hyderabad – Dec 2009

What a wonderful Christmas! Totally full of unique memories … lovely people, lovely welcome, lovely elephant, lovely tigers … lovely place! Thank you so much

The McLaren Family, Fife – Dec 2009

Thank you to all the team at Kipling for a very memorable Christmas! Rachel and I came here in ’93 and it was lovely to come back ‘en famille’. Highlights for us were washing Tara, Father Christmas arriving with Tara, traditional Christmas dinner, and Helen’s birthday and a huge cake! All the food, accommodation, drivers and staff have been excellent too.

Simon Holborow & family, Cornwall, UK – Dec 2009

We had been told that Kipling Camp was special. It is. Very special. We are all euphoric – it has been an incredible experience, one we will tell our grandchildren about endlessly…. Everyone has been fantastic, hospitable and looked after us wonderfully…. Tara has made a deep impression on us all. An exhilarating and unique experience which seems to have been produced effortlessly but we are very aware is produced with huge effort – and charm

Ravi Potluri & family, Gurgaon – Dec 2009

Kipling Camp is an amazing experience – the beauty, the fantastic service, Tara, the volunteers, Kim and Millie, the rooms, the food, each and every staff member made it an unforgettable experience. Seeing the tiger was a bonus!

June & Julian Ruthven, Somerset, UK – Dec 2009

Thank you for a memorable stay in a wonderful location with superb food and staff. We were doubly blessed to witness a pair of tigers mating – our dreams never envisaged that! Thank you

Bikram Grewal, New Delhi – Dec 2009

Brilliant and comfortable, and of course Kim and Millie and Tara the princess are the stars. Excellent trained staff and great service and food. Thanks for a wonderful time

Pam & Dennis Gillespie, Ontario, Canada – Nov 2009

We returned to Kanha to make amends for a camera malfunction 13 years ago. We will be leaving today with not only “that” photo, but a host of others. As for Kipling Camp… what a wonderfully idyllic place it is – such a peaceful setting! The Cook’s meals are to die for, particularly his fishcakes and his marmalade pudding; the service at the table was impeccable, and all those behind the scenes performed their tasks expertly, keeping the rooms neat and tidy and the hot water bottles tucked in bed each night! Rishin and Rohan provided a font of information on the flora and fauna of Kanha and the jeep drives provided valuable service in tracking those elusive tigers!

Jackie & Alwynne Clayton, Kent, UK – Nov 2009

Kipling Camp is still the wonderful, quite, relaxing place we saw last time we were here. The staff have been so helpful and friendly and could not do enough for us… We were lucky to see three tigers in the first day of our stay

Judy Kensington, Natal, South Africa – Nov 2009

Kipling Camp is magic in every way – everyone so helpful, great comfort, excellent food, beautiful surroundings. I don’t want to leave! But thank you so much Anne and all your staff

Tony & Karen Barnes, Sussex, UK – Nov 2009

Anne and her staff have looked after us wonderfully at this beautiful camp. Kanha is an amazing park and we were blessed with “EIGHT” tiger sightings after three game drives

George Archibald, Wisconsin, USA – Nov 2009

Spending time at Kipling Camp and Kanha NP is a dream come true since Schaller’s books and stories and those of Blue and Annie

Trevor Bower, Renton, USA – Oct 2009

Kipling Camp is an incredible place to visit. The entire staff is awesome and very helpful… Your camp was so relaxing and peaceful. The food was great and way more than I expected. It was truly awesome. The safaris were fabulous. We saw a total of 7 tigers during our 5 night stay. Even a leopard and sloth bear too. I just can’t put into words the way I feel!

Trace Oaksmith – May 2009

Thank you so much for everything, from the beautiful rooms to the exceptional service. You have made out stay a dream! Add to that the fact that your Camp has such an excellent relationship with the staff of the Park – parcelled together, really nothing left to want.

Rachel Lopez, Time Out, Mumbai – May 2009

The place has most character and is more beautiful than all we’ve seen at Kanha (we’re working on a guide book, so we’ve seen a lot!). Lots of love to Raghu, Rishin, Kim and Tara and the warm and wonderful staff. If another leopard walks into the property, do say hi

Shaun & Sarah Bacon, Melbourne, Australia – Apr 2009

Thank you to all the wonderful team at Kipling Camp and Kanha Tiger Reserve for yet anther memorable trip – Hope to return again next year!

mrita & Tim Sheldon & family, London, UK – Apr 2009

A simply wonderful 4 days. Everything we could have asked for! We were extremely comfortable and loved the lunch and dinner times when stories were exchanged. What was our favourite moment? There were so many – spotting 4 tigers (including 2 sauntering up to our jeep!), 2 leopards, watching a tiger from an elephant, taking Tara for her bath, the evening picnic on our last night, or just soaking up the atmosphere in such a relaxing setting. Thank you everyone at Kipling Camp – staff and other guests – for making everything so perfect

Sheila & Martin Stirrup – Apr 2009

Fabulous! Two of the most memorable days of my life... Just perfect. Thank you so much

Chris & Chris Poole, Dorset, UK – Apr 2009

Probably heaven! We have been so well taken care of; nothing is forgotten. An amazing experience... How many people get to bathe an elephant! Incredible drive back to Camp in the dark across riverbeds, through villages with twinkling lights and music. Being given tea and Madeira cake at the point to watch the sun go down. Thank you just doesn’t get close

Ben Elliott, London, UK - Mar 2009

Magnificent to return as a guest – not an employee – 15 years later. Kipling is blooming and as wonderful as I remembered Thank you. Love, Ben

B. Lobo & N. Lobo, Mumbai – Feb 2009

Superb place! The moment one entered he precincts, it soothed frayed nerves, ‘it was tonic to the mind’. We enjoyed the entire experience – fauna, courteous and knowledgeable staff. Tara and Kim sounded off the memorable experience

Graham & Leslie Slater, Cornwall, UK – Feb 2009

Absolutely hit the spot! A relaxed atmosphere, with great food and accommodation. Service by staff is warm and friendly. We would love to come back

Rob & Catherine Young, France – Feb 2009

A perfect spot, with an unsurpassed mix of exciting fauna and relaxation. Thanks to Anne for looking after us so marvellously. And Tara and Kim provided memorable light entertainment!

Ranee Sahanay, Outlook Getaway Guides, India – Feb 2008

What a lovely place for a holiday – lovely ambience, friendly and hospitable staff, good food, great safaris

Louise Houghton & Mark Fletcher, UK – Feb 2009

Everything wonderful – Tara and the superlative drivers must make this the best lodge in the world!

Atul & Arti Kirloskar, Pune, India – Feb 2009

Kipling was tranquil and serene – really enjoyed the ambience and hospitality… You are the best, keep it up! The staff were wonderful. Thank you for a wonderful and enjoyable stay

Richard Bielen, Westford, USA – Feb 2009

The hospitality was great. We saw 4 tigers the first two days. The driver/guide was superb. I have many pictures and memories. Great job, keep it up

Shaun Bacon, Australia – Jan 2009

My 4th visit since 2000, and things have only got better. Well done! I plan to be back early April!

Dawn Peacock, Melbourne, Australia – Jan 2009

Lived up to all my expectations. Have been hearing about Kipling Camp for years, and now I have had this wonderful experience

Tim & Sue Marsh, Worthing, UK – Jan 2009

A very peaceful retreat – great food, great staff and very comfortable beds!! What a wonderful experience. Made to feel that we were staying at a friend’s house by Anne and all the staff’s friendliness.

Nigel Warrington & Lau Thorbjorn, Datca, Turkey – Jan 2009

What an exciting place. I had no idea the Indian wild was so beautiful. A tiger to boot! We felt so at home here. We will certainly recommend this place to as many people as possible. Thank you

Cathe Neukum, New York, USA – Jan 2009

Amazing – wonderful – staff are the best… Thanks for making our film on George Schaller such a heartfelt and gracious experience

George Schaller, Connecticut, USA – Jan 2009

It has been 45 years since I studied wildlife in Kanha and nearly two decades since my last visit. It has been wonderful to come back and see Kanha Park still thriving. And equally wonderful was our stay at Kipling Camp with its helpful and pleasant staff and the dedication shown by Belinda on behalf of the local people and the tiger and other wildlife. My heartfelt admiration for what you are doing for conservation

K. Ullas Karanth, Bangalore – Jan 2009

It is wonderful to be back at Kipling – the finest “wildlife” experience in India. Also the only place “Conservation” has first priority! Thank you!

Toby Sinclair, New Delhi – Jan 2009

Staying at Kipling really is coming home. You have a magical place. The park, as always, is beautiful. But best of all is the early morning at the Camp. xx


Valmik, Sanjna & Hamir Thapar, New Delhi – Dec 2008

Another wonderful stay at Kipling Cap – more than six tigers, two bears, a leopard and three wild dogs. Tara was a star, as always. Thank you Anne and Belinda and all at Kipling Camp

Anshu Jain family, London, UK – Dec 2008

All your warmth at Kipling Camp hugely enhanced our jungle visit. We’ll be back to chat by the fireside and to scrub Tara! Belinda, your work is greatly appreciated by all wildlife lovers!

Indrajit Latey, Pune – Dec 2008

A great place for a quality wildlife experience. And the cherry on the cake was definitely meeting Anne. The staff have been very helpful and are always smiling. Thank you!

Dan Free & Dai Sweet, London, UK – Nov 2008

Thank you for another fantastic stay. The food was great, the staff were excellent, and the naturalist was very knowledgeable! Our room was very comfortable, and sightings have been great – tiger, sloth bear, leopard wild dog and wolves to name but a few! Thanks for everything – we’ll be back! P.s. Watch out for the tiger behind the watering hole!

Mari & Jussi Masonen, Espoo, Finland – Nov 2008

Loved the dogs, sightings, naturalists, the staff and especially Lady Tara. It has been a very relaxing time here with very friendly fellow guests. Thank you all!

Angela & Stewart Douglas-Mann, London, UK – Nov 2008

We had another memorable and magical stay at Kipling and leave Kanha with heavy hearts! Coming here is an essential par of any visit to India and we already looking forward to the next time. We have been beautifully looked after in every way

Sanjay & Delna Sanghvi, India – Nov 2008

Kipling Camp was truly a memorable experience – from the warm hospitality of the staff, the incredible experience with Tara and the personal touches of a candle-lit dinner at the farmhouse, the cute shop and lovely massage. It is a holiday we will reminisce about for years to come!

Louise Houghton & Mark Fletcher – May 2008

What a wonderful place – we have had a holiday of a lifetime! We are already planning our next trip…

Andrea & Alok Gangola – Apr 2008

We arrived with no expectations, but left with high expectations that will be difficult to meet for every other holiday from this point on! From the comfortable accommodation to the friendly staff who went beyond their duties to care for us from the moment we woke to the time we went to sleep. We have had some amazing experiences – bathing Tara, trips into the Park and dinner by candlelight. The personal attention made this feel like a home from home… A wonderful, fantastic time

Kaye Wellings, London, UK – Mar 2008

People should be warned that, once here they’ll have trouble leaving. I came for two days, but stayed four, held prisoner by comfort, beauty, and the caring and competent cosseting by the lovely staff. Thank you so much!

Miki Purrina, London, UK – Mar 2008

The perfect place that reminds me of how it might have been: beautiful and tranquil and idyllic, with an abundance of life. And a most efficiently run paradise here in the Camp!

Sahlini Kashyap – Mar 2008

Most thrilling experience! Felt most pampered and comfortable

Ravi & Annie Pal – Mar 2008

What a fantastic place – good hospitality, superb staff… See you next year Insha Allaha!

Jeremy Kahn, Newsweek Magazine, New Delhi – Mar 2008

Your hospitality was fantastic, your knowledge impressive and your food delicious …

Alexander Thompson, Gurgaon – Mar 2008

I don’t want to leave! Everything was amazing – the camp, the park – everything. Many thanks


Nick Winsor and family, Mumbai – Apr 2007

Magical! Well taken care by wonderful staff, food was wonderful, comfortable beds, kids absolutely enjoyed Tara and the swim in the river

Alistair Gammell, Beds, UK – Apr 2007

We'd been told this would be good and the experience well exceeded our already high expectations. Superb care from all the staff. A magical time with Tara…

Alison Starck & Barry Levin, Bloomfield, USA – Mar 2007

We had a terrific stay from the food, and lodging to the location and the hospitality. Everything was well thought out and taken care of. A terrific staff who were warm, hospitable, and knowledgeable about the animals and birds. A perfect vacation!

Govindrajan, Mumbai – Mar 2007

Lovely place, lovely food, lovely park. Definitely be back soon

Tain & Margret Gimbrett, Isle of Bute, Scotland – Mar 2007

The road to paradise was a bit rough but all our aspirations were fulfilled and more. Thanks!

Anthony Di Nola, Oxford, UK – Mar 2007

Lovely stay. Refurbished rooms are great, staff as pleasant as ever; drivers have eyes in the back of their heads. We shall go away with wonderful memories. See you next year

Lt. Gen Kapil Vij (Retd), New Delhi – Mar 2007

Thank you Kipling for one more lovely experience. Great to see both the camp and the park in fine fettle. All the best

Ives & Cristophe Roussel, Conflans, France – Jan 2007

We were prepared for everything, even missing the tiger, but not for such a wonderful stay. The camp and its atmosphere, the animals we've seen and the lovely Tara, all just mix to make this break a wonder. To say nothing of the friendly welcome and the eco-responsive policy of the camp

Sheila Sudheendra, Bangalore – Jan 2007

Kipling Camp…hospitality redefined…


Hilary & Geoff Welch, Ankara, Turkey – Dec 2006

X-mas presents from Santa and Tara, superb plum pudding, brandy butter, sunshine, a trip to the river to bathe Tara, carols. An utterly magical Christmas. Two new birds without leaving our seats over lunch. Thank you for a wonderful wildlife-friendly camp & warm welcome!

Max Tyler, Shetland, Scotland – Dec 2006

That was amazing! This camp has to be one the best holiday places in India! It was great fun to be with Tara and swim with her

Anna Moore, Pasadena, USA – Dec 2006

Amici, Thankyou for one of the best stays of my life. The ambience at Kipling Camp, the wonderful people and staff, the tigers, the icy cold drives(!), the amazing food and best of all Tara, the temptress. Thankyou

Joan & Peter Plant, West Sussex, England – Dec 2006

Words are inadeqauate! Enormous privilege to be here, to see so much wildlife - tigers, wild dogs, birds and to learn so much from very experienced drivers. All this and such comfort, food, all staff superb and the Tara experience unique. We loved every moment and would love to return

Sandy, Australia – Nov 2006

Thank you for the oasis you have created here at Kanha…

Lucy Kenningham (aged 10), Delhi – Nov 2006

I had the BEST 10th birthday anyone ever had… Tara the elephant wished me happy birthday and so did the tiger in the park!

Betty & Joe Larter, UK – Oct 2006

What a lovely stay we had. Delicious food, great staff, and a wonderful atmosphere. We have been totally spoilt. Thank you and a HUGE hug to Tara

Akshay Kaul, New Delhi – May 2006

Extremely beautiful place, ambiance, simplicity of the place, its character and people... Blend of local architecture adorable. Wish other places could be so simple and beautiful

Val Warner, Herts, UK – May 2006

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant, loved every minute. A truly memorable time from special time in the park, to the great food, exceptional company and the lovely Tara. All made us extremely welcome and too comfortable. Much fun was had. Please put us on the "return" list

Murray James, UK – Apr 2006

Another entry in the book - my 15th! It is all just as Bob would have liked. Too many other people have tried to copy Kipling, but have never come near. May this heavenly spot be here for my next visit…

Laura Tibbats & Bobby Minty, Jersey, C.I. – Apr 2006

We had an unbelievable time at Kipling Camp. We saw all the animals we could have wished for and found all the staff so helpful and friendly. Really this is the highlight of our trip to India and we hope to return as soon as possible

Pradeep & Arudra Rao, Hyderabad – Apr 2006

We now know what poor Mowgli would have felt when he had to leave the jungle to go back to his people - leaving Kipling Camp feels like…. well… heartbreaking! We had a dreamlike week here and we sure wish we did not have to wake up. The staff made us feel so at home. Oh and the sightings were awesome too. To paraphrase Gen MacArthur "we'll be back"

Mark Salmon, Cheshire, UK – Apr 2006

Excellent! The best part of 3 weeks in India. Brilliantly friendly staff. Do not change anything


Adrian & Georgina Schaffer, Bangalore –Dec 2005

Today is up there with our best days ever. This morning got some fantastic photos of a tiger and her 3 cubs, then this afternoon washed Tara, and finished off the day with an amazing picnic. Couldn't get much better !

Rosemary Fry, Victoria, Australia – Dec 2005

Kipling Camp is the stuff of novels ! A fantastic escape with wonderful staff, pets and ambience. I'll be back !

Joe & Clemmie Cooke, London –Nov 2005

Entirely perfect in every way - and tigers too

Peter Hughes, London, UK – 12 Nov 2005

This is what a jungle camp ought to be - thank you everyone

Heinz & Doris Buenzli, Maur, Switzerland –Nov 2005

What a wonderful stay - the tigers, the forest, and all the staff so caring - it just could not be better !

Richard & Annie Hallows, Boulogne, France – Mar 2005

Fantastic sightings, lovely people, great team, and adorable Tara !

Supriya & Mandar Marathe, Mumbai – Mar 2005

Anything I write cannot do justice to this most wonderful experience. All the people here are just plain fantastic ! We will be back

Rava Villon, San Diego, USA – Mar 2005

A perfect camp, a wonderful experience. Thanks so much !

Eric Myers, Anchorage, USA – Mar 2005

Great wildlife, great people, great food and great birds ! What a wonderful three days!

Karen & Victor Ametacch, Bremerhaven, Germany – Feb 2005

Kipling Camp and Kanha, never to be forgotten. It is difficult to find words to express our feelings adequately - the warmth and good humour, the gracious hospitality and the thrill of watching wild animals. We are overwhelmed !

Rebecca & Phil Otto, San Francisco, USA – Feb 2005

It is so hard to leave - time has flown by in the most magical ways ! Heaven

Joan Johnson, Bucks, UK – Feb 2005

I have run out of superlatives. My sixth visit and Kanha and Kipling are always up to and above my expectations. I leave a part of myself here each time I come

Joan & Fred Gardiner, New York, USA – Feb 2005

We couldn't have had a better time. What a lovely place. Paradise !

Claire & George Davies, Devon, UK – Feb 2005

Fantastic ! Amazing - everything

Christine & Andrew Perkins, Devon, UK – Jan 2005

A wonderful experience, never to be forgotten. We feel privileged to have been here

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